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31 October 2018 to 4 November 2018
UBC Robson Square
America/Vancouver timezone

Update on the $hep$ solar neutrino limit from the three-phase SNO dataset

1 Nov 2018, 18:00
Room C215 (UBC Robson Square)

Room C215

UBC Robson Square


Dr Karin Gilje (University of Alberta)


The spectrum of solar neutrinos from the $pp$ chain has been studied in depth by a variety of underground detectors. However, neutrinos from the $hep$ reaction (${}^3$He $+$ $p^+$ $\rightarrow$ ${}^4$He $+$ $e^+$ + $\nu_e$) remain unobserved due to the small theoretical branching ratio ($2\times10^{−7}$ per $pp$ termination). The SNO detector has a unique sensitivity to neutrino energies above the ${}^8$B spectrum endpoint (~15 MeV) through the $hep$ spectrum endpoint (~18.8 MeV) due to the charged current interaction on deuterium, which allows a more precise extraction of the underlying neutrino energy spectrum. The SNO collaboration previously published a world-leading limit in 2006 only using the first heavy water phase with 306.4 days of data. An updated status report on the analysis of the $hep$ neutrino spectrum from all three phases of SNO (1170.2 days) will be presented in this poster.

Primary author

Dr Karin Gilje (University of Alberta)


Dr Andy Mastbaum (University of Chicago)

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